Be a Part of the Magic City Sticker Pack

With the release ofApple's iOS 10 you can add stickers to your iMessages.  Helping Birmingham join in the fun, Airship created the Magic City Sticker Pack, now availalble for users to download from the App Store in Messages. The Magic City Sticker Pack includes brands and landmarks from Birmingham locations and local companies. Users can incorporate these stickers into Messages, creating a new level of commuication fun for text messaging as they move around the city.

Your organization can be a part of the Magic City Sticker Pack. Complete the form on the right and upload your logo to apply to be included in the next version.  

  • Complete the form
  • Upload your logo
  • Build your Birmingham brand

As part of giving back to our community, Airship is collecting a $50 donation from each company that submits a sticker for our great parks and green spaces. Be a part of the Magic City Sticker Pack and help provide funding for Railroad Park, Red Mountain Park, and Ruffner Mountain.  Following the submission of the form on the right you will receive an email requesting you complete your donation via a PayPal link. Stickers will not become part of the sticker pack until your donation has been received.